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  5. Anonymous said: What romantic chemistry has Stiles ever had with Derek? At what point did they ever pass the acquaintance line, let alone the 'boyfriend' line? You guys are all delusional. Scott and Stiles literally have waaaay more chemistry than Stiles and Derek. You guys just see what you want to see.



    Aww look everyone, It’s my first anon hate!

    No one is saying Scott and Stiles don’t have chemistry. They do! It’s just not romantic chemistry. Scott and Stiles are brothers til the end.

    Last time I checked though acquaintances don’t risk their own lives to save each other, they don’t comfort one another, and they don’t go out of their way to defend each other.

    As close as Stiles and Scott are, there are parts of Stiles’ personality and life that Derek understands more than Scott. And something that Non-sterek shippers don’t seem to get is that any deepening in Stiles and Derek’s relationship wouldn’t diminish the friendship between Stiles and Scott. It’s not Scott vs. Derek. If Stiles becomes romantically involved with Derek, Scott will still be his brother.

    And as for only seeing things we want to see, Teen wolf is a show that requires you to look deeper then what is happening on the surface level. It’s how Jeff likes to write things. He makes it subtle and keeps viewers guessing.

    People can call Sterek shippers delusional all day long, it’s clearly how they deal with their displeasure over the chemistry between Stiles and Derek on the show and the ship being the most powerful in the fandom.

    Oh Please! Stiles doesn’t like Scott that way. He likes him as a brother. Stiles had even said so himself in season 3A.

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  6. xiaopa25:

Sterek - Season 1


    Sterek - Season 1

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  7. Anonymous said: you should write a fic where lydia, allison, and stiles are all bonding over having (or had) werewolf boyfriends and stuff. that'd be cute i think.


    "Jackson’s maybe," Lydia holds up her thumb and forefinger, squints at the space between them, "Like this? So, it doesn’t hurt, unless, he gets a little feisty." She picks up her tea cup, smirks over the top of it, "But, I have ways of handling that."

    Allison nods understandingly, digs into her chocolate cake, “I think Scott’s about the same? Except, he always gets so nervous about accidentally getting stuck, or something, so we mostly avoid it.”

    Stiles looks between them in confusion, points at Lydia’s fingers, now folding a napkin into a pretty swan. “You’re saying Jackson is like… minute?”

    "Mhm, in comparison to other’s I’m sure," she says easily. 

    "So," Stiles tries not to burst into laughter, "All those years with the Porsche… He really was compensating?! Derek’s like this," he gestures widely with his hands, grins brightly. "And, he isn’t afraid of getting stuck, or getting in there super deep and staying there and—"

    "Staying there?" Allison interrupts, "Stiles, aren’t you worried he’ll… turn you?"

    "I," Stiles’ mouth falls open, "They can do that?”

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